About GCS

True education ensures the harmonious development of the physical and mental abilities of a child and transforms a child to a self-reliant, ambitious, motivated individual, with the best positive vibrations and inbuilt ability to succeed.

Gurukul Convent School provide standard education through enthusiastic, activity oriented teaching methods.

An integral part of the school’s holistic approach to learning is to instill positive values. Students are encouraged to practice selflessness, compassion and respect for others. They are also engaged in community outreach programmes which help them become aware of their social responsibilities. Yoga, meditation and self-awareness are part of the daily routine which helps them to relax while learning.

Gurukul Convent School vision is to instill in our students a strong sense of our cultural and spiritual values, along with imparting the best in modern scientific education.

We provide a rich learning environment where students will learn to excel fearlessly in all facets of their personality – physical, mental, intellectual and aesthetics. This foundation will enable self-fulfillment of their professional, personal, family and social lives.

We aim to meet the needs, hopes and dreams of the children of the 21st century, by harnessing to the greatest extent possible, all that the present day cutting edge educational and information technologies offer.


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